Global Leadership Coaching

Global Leadership Coaching provides the case by case combination of the Global Leadership with Cross Cultural Communications depending on the capabilities of each client.

Based on the profiles of industries, companies, business experiences, leadership and communication styles, Jun-Spade provides the most effective and intensive coaching menus considering one’s business priorities and facing situations.

The standard Global Leadership Coaching covers below.

A. Situational Leadership

B. Cross Cultural Development

  • Cultural Due Diligence
  • Style Switching
  • Cultural Dialogue
  • Cultural Mentoring

C. Co-active Leadership Coaching

The typical candidates are below.

  • The leaders who work at Global Company’s Sub. in Japan.
  • The leaders who work at globally acquired company in Japan.
  • The leaders who will be appointed to oversea assignment.
  • The leaders who come from outside Japan to Sub. in Japan.
  • The potential global leaders.

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