Global Leader Tips

Prerequisites of the Global Leader

The business environment is still drastically changing to faster, flatter and more borderless in the 21stCentury. In these situations, especially in Japan, the leaders should have more global mind as well as the leaders in the other countries like Western countries, China, Korea, Singapore and so on.

To be the real global leader, three key prerequisites are essential.

  1. Leadership
  2. Global Communication Capabilities
  3. Creativity and Problem Resolution Capabilities

The first one is the Leadership. It’s obvious and fundamental. However, the global leader needs to lead various members to one direction, then make strong teamwork in the multi-national, multi-cultural and diversified environment. To drive the business steadily, clear vision and directions are essential. Easy to understand then motivating and encouraging to every member. Then especially in the troubled and difficult situation fairness and equality should be respected in the team. Splendidly orchestrated global team by the real global leader must keep on making the great and outstanding performance by their synergy of diversified power. 

The second element is the Global Communication Capabilities.  Of course, making deep understanding with members, the well-trained communication capabilities are mandatory for the global leader. English as a common global language is the most fundamental, but not enough. The situational communication skills like presentation, negotiation, meeting facilitation, conference call and etc. should be brushed up in the real field. In addition to these, the cross-cultural communication skills are critical in the multi-national, multi-cultural and diversified team. The communication styles in their original cultures are quite different respectively. So, understanding the difference is basically quite important, then the global leader should utilize the cultural difference in his team communications situationally.

Third one is Creativity and Problem Resolution Capabilities. These two abilities are also very fundamental as leader, then global leader needs to show off in the global business environment. Creativity is critically key for making vision and idea of the business or solutions with his originality, especially in the undeveloped market or segment. Problem Resolution Capabilities should be demonstrated as a significant power of execution.    

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