Global Leader Tips

Empowered Leadership


In the traditional pyramided organization, the typical leadership used to be depended to the top to down oriented one-way communication, like a legacy leadership. It could be very fast and strict control for the simple business execution.
However, the business environment has been drastically changed. The business requires the faster, flatten, borderless and flexible operations based on the extraordinary evolved IT and Network environment. In addition to this, the critical success factor of the business also has been dramatically changing in the continuous paradigm shift. Then the leadership style has to be changed boldly and adaptively as well as the way of communications in the organization and the virtual team in the various networks. Moreover, in the diversified team, the leadership style with the tolerant communication has to be critically related with the team performance.
The empowerment of the leader can reveal the talent more of each member, can be respected each other, then maximize the creativity and the synergy of the diversified values. In the empowered team, there’s no control, no restriction, no precedent, no formula. There’s free, flexible, creative and future oriented energy and harmony. The essential role of the leader there, is just orchestrate the team same as a conductor in the orchestra. 

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