Global Leader Tips

Dance in this moment

A conversation is a powerful and dynamic interchange between people. Although it is natural to pay attention to the content of the conversation: the words, the positions, the ideas, there is much more going on in every moment. Every conversation creates tone, mood, nuance in addition to the content. There is as much information, sometimes more in how the words are said; sometimes there is more information in what is not said than what is said.
The third cornerstone of four cornerstones in co-active model is “Dance in this moment”. This means the importance and possibility of dynamic conversation focusing on the moment, THIS moment, and then the next moment. For that, it is critically essential listening intently at many levels, and of course, choosing when and how to respond, to intervene. They should be with no plan, no scenario, no preparation. 
To “dance” is to respond from a co-active core meaning both “co” as in collaborative, and active, moving the dance forward. In a truly co-active conversation there are moments when the coach leads the dance, moments when the coachee leads the dance, and moment when it is not clear at all who is leading and who is following.
The perfect dance should be lose the designation of leader and follower in a place of tuned in to each other and in a place of frank but trusted. 
The synergy of their synchronized dance should be utilized only for the coachee’s learning and discovery.   

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