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A Life Purpose and Business Goals

In the business field, most of the people have any kind of business goals. However, how much people have been convinced that the goals set for themselves? Unfortunately, lots of people feel that the goals have set by their boss in spite of their own intentions. Then, they are not able to work on the goals earnestly and completely. They might not have the high motivation achieving the goals. As a result, the goals will not be achieved and both boss and he will feel unacceptable stress in their workplace.
On the other hand, how do you think about another situation? People have the clear Life Purpose that set for themselves, and understand the linkage between his life purpose and his business goals. In this excellent case, people work positively, creatively and vigorously with high motivation, then they may achieve the goals.
The deference between two situations above could be definitely large. And it’s quite obvious that the role of the leader or manager is critically important. The leader or manager should be involved supporting to make clearer his staff’s life purpose. Then, additionally it’s extremely key identifying the linkage of his life purpose and his challenging business goals. In these series of situations, co-active Model: relationship and coaching method, could be really helpful. The average leader or manager usually focus on only the business goals and how to make the goals in the conversations with his staff. On the other hand, the efficient leader or manager will focus on not only the business goals of his staff, but also his staff’s life purpose or desiring life. It could be not easy sharing the desiring whole life outside the business. However, it’s critically depending on the relationship between leader or manager, and his staff. That’s why, the quality of the relationship between leader and subordinate is critically influential for the subordinate’s motivation, then to the business outcome. Besides, the co-active model: relationship and coaching, is one of the reliable and helpful option building up the higher quality of relationship in their workplace.