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Evoke Transformation

Final cornerstone is the ultimate goal in the co-active model, and it is “Evoke Transformation” with the coachee. The common purpose of the collaborative conversation in co-active model is the coachee’s full and best life. The topic of the coaching will likely be something quite specific that is a kind of part of coachee’s life that the coachee is focused on, or is facing in the timing: new job, promotion, working condition, improved fitness, or execution on a business plan. Actually, some coachees may have their attention only on the specific goal for that specific topic. On the other hand, the coach sees not only the specific topic that the coachee brings, but also the fully connected life. The coach should have the pure desire to realize the coachee’s best, resonant and tasteful life. Then the coach structures the practical connection of the specific topic and the desired potential. These kind of positive, wide perspective and resolute engagement of coaching will bring the breakthrough awareness: a new strength, a renewed capability, a wide range of options, to the coachee. It seems like that they have real experience finding muscles they didn’t know they had or had forgotten they had. Then by taking a stand for the greatest possible impact from even the smallest action, coaches encourage, and ultimately “evoke transformation”.
Although Co-Active model originally designed for the professional coaching, it can be changed the daily conversations at work with a colleague as well as a son or a daughter. No doubt we were busy focusing on resolving a particular issue. But think again, with the advantage of hindsight, how the conversation might have changed if we are conscious of the four cornerstones.  
How does the quality of the conversation change when we start with a belief that the coworker, son, or daughter is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole? Capable? It’s possible the conversation might change from giving advice to being curious: asking more questions and inviting the resourcefulness of that other person. The awareness will be shift from daily business or issue itself to the someone’s hopeful life with the great possibility. 
The ability to dance with whatever shows up is certainly a leadership competency; in today’s world of business, great agility is essential. Effective leaders display that quality in their work with others every day. Even the fourth cornerstone, “Evoke Transformation,” can be a resonant field in which the conversation takes place. That brief conversation has the potential to affirm that colleague, son, or daughter in ways that reverberate long after the presenting issue has been handled.
Then, of course, we don’t need to be conscious for four cornerstones in every conversation. We can use them in addition to the usual conversations, problem solving mind-set, or logical discussion situationally, to get the conversation wider and deeper, then to evoke drastic transformation ultimately.