Global Leader Tips

Possibility of Challenging

One of the drastic but practical coaching skill is Challenging. And this is also quite helpful in the usual business conversations promoting the aggressive business execution. Challenging something to the coachees or members, it should be based on the definite belief of the unlimited potential of them. Besides, it may make them to find out their unconscious but extraordinary resources that have been equipped in their inside. Or, in some case, that could be the golden chance to him exceeding his own setting limitations. 
The effective and valid reaction with the certain Challenging of the members, usually show the dual aspects. One is the real surprising with the too much or too high target that have been requested, and the reaction could be “No, no, no, definitely impossible!” At the same time, he or she may feel some kind of happy feeling to understand the leader or coach believe their great possibilities. Then this intensive deal feeling will be the strong energy to evoke positive challenge exceeding his own setting then existing limitations.
For example, the leader asks his member to say thanks to his supporting staffs 50 times a day. He may counter immediately “No, it’s impossible.” This kind of first “No” is a kind of the door opening with Challenging. And the starting point of the conversations can be setting the challenging but realistic goals. Then there are two essential key points here. One is the member should find the challenging and appropriate goals with his own honest feeling as his commitment. And second one is the importance of the leader’s participation finding out his challenging line that should be exceeded his own setting and safe zone. The fun of using Challenging skill is to discovere the unexperienced zone with the alliance between leader, coach and member, coachee.