Global Leader Tips

Metaphor Practice

The communication style in Japan, is typically high context and indirect. It means the Japanese people take care of relationship and harmony, so they often do not use straight and direct words. Although the Metaphor is a quite effective skill generally, it’s very powerful in these situations especially. 
The metaphor is a kind of the visual and real expression of the situations or experiences, not the description nor explanation by some words. Then, it’s rather effective sharing the real feeling or image of the experiences. Although the metaphor is quite useful and powerful skill, it should be trained in the usual conversations intentionally. Learning the impressive and easy understanding metaphor, practicing to get the words out again and again, creating their own metaphors of something like “chaotic work environment”, “brilliant success”, “disappointment” and so forth. And it is also quite important that if the metaphor does not hit to the coachee or the member, the coach or leader should not stick on to his own metaphor any more, and he has to try something else.