Global Leader Tips

Discover new horizons – Meta-View

Getting in to the imagination of the scenery from top of mountain looking over the new horizons. It will be quite different from the very limited view on the way of walking forest struggling, tired and exhausted. It brings absolutely comfortable feeling, brilliant and wide view, and possibly new ideas or awareness. Meta-View is one of coaching skills that can utilize that kind of changes of viewpoints.    
When the coachee is in the situation like falling in to the hole and is not able to see anything around him, Meta-View is helpful to change his depressed viewpoint to larger and higher one.
Using Meta-View by coach, same as discovering the new horizons from top of mountain, the coachee can look down the whole life, long and winding business career, corporate global strategy or total timeline of the project. 
And it is also effective for coach or leader himself to be the top of mountain, then watching carefully the coachee or member’s facing situation from there. The coach or leader should support him finding out the easiest and the best route to his original goals together. 
Especially in the business conversations, Meta-View is quite helpful in the situation like the member has been sticking to the detail problems or objections in the trivial places, to remind him the original goals, priorities and contexts. The leader’s questions of Meta-View will get him the wider viewpoints, release from getting stuck then support his own steady execution powerfully.