Global Leader Tips

Big Impact of Articulating

The articulating is one of the powerful coaching skills that can utilize in the business conversations. This coaching skill is also called longer name “Articulating what’s going on.” During the careful listening focusing on the whole person, may be one of the team members, the leader sometimes feels a kind of sense of awareness or something like intuition. The articulation is the ability putting the word simply or speaking out that feeling frankly. Sometimes telling him what is going on at that time or frank look of him. The important things are he often can’t see himself or an expression on his face. Or perhaps he can see details but not the whole picture.
With the articulation, the leader should share the observations frankly and clearly but without any judgement. The leader sometimes needs to tell him a kind of hard truth in order that the member find out the best and realistic solution or selection.

The effective articulating power is that the member can aware the unconscious feelings or facts, then he will not aware that by himself eventually without that articulation. Utilizing the big power of articulation, the leader has responsibility to articulate what he sees, but at the same time, as with all of coaching skills, not feel attached to being right about it. The articulating to boldly say what the leader sees without needing to be right, it could be empowered the member and could be pulled out his unconscious possibility. That’s why the articulating is powerful.