Global Leader Tips

Cultural Competence

The Cultural Competence is a kind of ability to utilize the cultural difference. In the typical Japanese company implements “Pre-oversea assignment training”, such kind of training covers several subjects, like the country’s overview, culture, food, characteristic and habits. What to do, and what not to do. This is a kind of “cultural knowledge” training, a part of cultural competence. Cultural competence covers not only cultural knowledge but also cultural orientations and cultural skills.

The culture is not only for the country. It’s for the company, organization, small group and individuals. The quite punctual boss who comes to the conference room 5 minutes before and his member who comes there 15 minutes after opening. The strange feeling with the conversation between Sales person and R&D engineer. Misunderstanding at the initial board meeting of acquired company by M&A. All these are the matter of cultural orientation. The cultural competence provides a great support solving personal relationship issues as well as leading the global business. Although cultural competence should be brushed up in the series of the real global business situation, it’s absolutely powerful and essential for the expected global talents and global leaders.    

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