Global Leader Tips

Coming Diversity

Japan is one of the most uniformity, NOT diversified, country. Geographically the country is made up of four islands, then clearly separated with the neighboring countries by sea. Japanese original culture has been nurtured in the islands over the centuries.
 Therefore, oversea workers from outside the country are not so many as of so far, although it’s increasing steadily. The English capabilities in Japanese are still very poor compared with the other developed countries. One of the most regrettable fact is the quite low ratio of female executives and leaders in the companies, organizations and so on.
 Toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic, although the inbound tourists are expected to increase, it’s not enough. Considering the working population decrease near future, pressing oversea workers increase should be inevitable all over the country. It is a matter of urgency for all of Japanese, not only for the global related leaders. 
 In these environments, diversity is the quite crucial factor for global leaders. In the traditional mono cultured team, the team performances usually follow normal distribution. On the other hand, in the teams with the diversity, the performances are classified with two groups, very high performance and poor one. The distinction with two groups is the leader how manages the culture and energy of diversified team. Although the diversity often constricts the team performance under the poor leader, on the contrary under the leader who manages the cultural gap in the team effectively, he will be sure making the great and outstanding performance. Thus, for the efficient global leader, the diversity is one of the critical and powerful elements of the team orchestration and inevitable business performance.   

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