Global Leader Tips

Cultural Skill

For the effective management of the diversified global team, Cultural Skill is one of the crucial capabilities that the global leaders have to provide. Cultural Skill is a kind of capability that utilizes the culture actively. Cultural Skill is made up of four components, cultural due diligence, style switching, cultural dialogue and cultural mentoring. Cultural due diligence is the series of the understanding processes of the cultural tendency and characteristics of himself and his partners or colleagues. To understand distinction of himself and others is critically fundamental for making the strategy how to manage the cultural gap in the series of conversations and deepening the relationships. Style switching is one of the effective skills that can minimize the cultural gaps then making the closer and deeper relationship beyond the different styles in their cultures. Cultural Dialogue is a kind of the tactical preparations for the smoother and less stressful conversations between the people with different cultural backgrounds. Then, Cultural Mentoring is getting the sound and valid suggestions how to handle the practical situation with the cultural differences. As a wise cultural mentee, we should find someone who deeply understands the cultural difference and has some series of experiences in the real field with diversity. Anyway, Cultural Skill is the critically essential for the global leaders from now on. 

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