Global Leader Tips

Coaching Relationship

The relationship in the co-active coaching provides the great and essential hint to build up the collaborative relationship in the business. Although there will be significant differences in each situation, all coaching focuses on the context of intentional relationship. The professional coach starts with the deep understanding of the coachee, the person being coached, who is in the unique life and work situation, with unique goals and desire for change, unique abilities, unique interests and even unique habits of sabotage. Then he is able to have the series of conversation with pure curiosity, about the theme that the coachee addressing, like life style shift, career change, leadership, performance improvement, health and well being issues. Through these conversations, there is no common guidelines, blueprints or templates. Coaching is inherently dynamic and personal that creates a unique, empowered relationship for desiring change.
Especially in co-active coaching, the peer relationship is emphasized. Coach and coachee have equal, though different, roles. They are co-active in the relationship, so they are collaborators, working together for the benefit of the coachee. In this peer relationship, the mentality of the coach must make the shift from “I’m powerful” to “the coaching relationship is powerful”, then all the power of the relationship between coach and coachee will make a maximum contribution only for the ultimate transformation that coachee desiring. The essence of these co-active relationship is sure to be the great reference or hint when they implement the collaborative relationship in to the business, like conversations between leader, manager and member, subordinate. 

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