Global Leader Tips

Powerful Acknowledging

The coaching skill of acknowledging strengthens the coachee’s foundation, and it should be utilized in the business conversations, like leader’s recognition to his member. This skill should be focused on the whole personality of the member, not on the activities or achievements. For example: “Good job, Hiro.” or “Your presentation was quite impressive.” They are focused on the achievements or activities. Using acknowledging, leader should be focused on the inner personality or values of the member, like “You look absolutely sincere.”, “You always respect higher challenge.” 
The acknowledging will evoke the member’s confidence for himself and will encourage him challenging to the difficult situation. Sometimes the member discovers his unconscious strength by the acknowledging, and it could be contributed to dig out the member’s enormous inner resources and possibilities.
In addition to the powerful acknowledging to the member, leader should focus on the member’s impact and reaction. The effective and powerful impact of the acknowledging delivers to the member, that the leader can hear, sense and see them and it could be the great hints coaching and leading him to the absolutely better performance.