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Powerful Acknowledging

The coaching skill of acknowledging strengthens the coachee’s foundation, and it should be utilized in the business conversations, like leader’s recognition to his member. This skill should be focused on the whole personality of the member, not on the activities or achievements. For example: “Good job, Hiro.” or “Your presentation was quite impressive.” They are focused on the achievements or activities. Using acknowledging, leader should be focused on the inner personality or values of the member, like “You look absolutely sincere.”, “You always respect higher challenge.” 
The acknowledging will evoke the member’s confidence for himself and will encourage him challenging to the difficult situation. Sometimes the member discovers his unconscious strength by the acknowledging, and it could be contributed to dig out the member’s enormous inner resources and possibilities.
In addition to the powerful acknowledging to the member, leader should focus on the member’s impact and reaction. The effective and powerful impact of the acknowledging delivers to the member, that the leader can hear, sense and see them and it could be the great hints coaching and leading him to the absolutely better performance. 

Global Leader Tips

Career Selection with Coaching

A career selection is one of the most critical subjects not only for the organizations but also for the individuals. In the general business field most of leaders and managers have a kind of career interview or individual development planning conversations. However, how much individuals are satisfied with their careers or development plans? Did each team member get it? Some of leaders may have explained only the organizational situations or circumstances.

In the discussion of their career planning or personal development, the coaching method is a quite powerful tool, and is also effective way for deepening the collaborative relationship between leader and team member. The leader’s most critical attitude is believing the member’s capabilities and possibilities, like NCRW; People are Naturally Creative Resourceful and Whole. Then the leader should focus on the whole person of the member, not on the daily business issues. The leader had better give his gentle and supportive look to the member’s happy whole life, not only for the business. Thinking about the frank feeling about his career connecting with his happy whole life, he can choose his coming career near future as his own resonant selection. If he believes that his selection with resonance making with his own intentions and convinced life purpose, he must move forward his daily business and life, with steadiness and fulfilment. 
To keep the team member’s motivation higher is one of the critical essences for the leadership. And that’s why the resonant career conversations through coaching method is the most essential hint presenting the leader’s deep feelings to his members. 

Global Leader Tips


NCRW stands for “People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole”, and is the most essential and characteristic fundamental belief of Co-Active Way and Model. NCRW is the first cornerstone of four cornerstones that represent the fundamental beliefs of co-active way of being in relationship and conversation at the deepest level. The co-active model rests on the four cornerstones, declarations, including NCRW. Four cornerstones have structured to provide the fundamental nature in order for engaged and empowered relationship, then for evoked drastic and bold transformation.
NCRW means that all of the people are capable: capable of finding answers, capable of choosing, capable of taking actions, capable of recovering when they meet with difficulties, and, especially, capable of learning. In the co-active model, it is more than a belief; it is a stand we take.
If we are in the alternative belief that people are fragile and dependent. With that belief, the job of coach or leader would be to guide the coachee or subordinate to the safest possible outcome. The differences are quite obvious. When we take a stand for other people’s creativity and resourcefulness, we feel some kind of respect and honor on their behalf, not overanxiety or care. Besides, when we assume that others are creative and resourceful, we can be curious and open to their enormous possibilities.  
The keyword here is naturally. Human beings are fairly creative and resourceful enough, when they were born as babies. On the way of growing up to adult through children, people have various experiences in the real life each by each. Although, sometimes the brightness of creativity and resourcefulness might be clouded in their circumstances, the natural capabilities are still existing inside themselves. So, if we believe their natural capabilities inside, we can dig them out certainly. 
Then final keyword is whole, wholeness. The wholeness here means that we can believe and accept all of their capabilities regardless of each character; good and bad, bright and dark, big and small, generous and delicate, white and black, etc. The structured total NCRW provides the infinite, limitless and eternal possibilities to show their capabilities getting their desired outcome and happy life.