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NCRW stands for “People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole”, and is the most essential and characteristic fundamental belief of Co-Active Way and Model. NCRW is the first cornerstone of four cornerstones that represent the fundamental beliefs of co-active way of being in relationship and conversation at the deepest level. The co-active model rests on the four cornerstones, declarations, including NCRW. Four cornerstones have structured to provide the fundamental nature in order for engaged and empowered relationship, then for evoked drastic and bold transformation.
NCRW means that all of the people are capable: capable of finding answers, capable of choosing, capable of taking actions, capable of recovering when they meet with difficulties, and, especially, capable of learning. In the co-active model, it is more than a belief; it is a stand we take.
If we are in the alternative belief that people are fragile and dependent. With that belief, the job of coach or leader would be to guide the coachee or subordinate to the safest possible outcome. The differences are quite obvious. When we take a stand for other people’s creativity and resourcefulness, we feel some kind of respect and honor on their behalf, not overanxiety or care. Besides, when we assume that others are creative and resourceful, we can be curious and open to their enormous possibilities.  
The keyword here is naturally. Human beings are fairly creative and resourceful enough, when they were born as babies. On the way of growing up to adult through children, people have various experiences in the real life each by each. Although, sometimes the brightness of creativity and resourcefulness might be clouded in their circumstances, the natural capabilities are still existing inside themselves. So, if we believe their natural capabilities inside, we can dig them out certainly. 
Then final keyword is whole, wholeness. The wholeness here means that we can believe and accept all of their capabilities regardless of each character; good and bad, bright and dark, big and small, generous and delicate, white and black, etc. The structured total NCRW provides the infinite, limitless and eternal possibilities to show their capabilities getting their desired outcome and happy life. 

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